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This is where you sign up for my email list- that is if you are looking to expand on your personal work and make your life awesome(er). This is a working area, so to speak- I often ask questions and actually look for replies because I believe that everyone has something to bring to the table. My personal focus HERE in these emails is to create a situation where people feel spiritually supported and that they can ask questions I may not know the answer to. Eventually this will grow to be a community.

For now I am here to assist you by sharing via my podcast, emails, you tube, tiktok etc and eventually I will be offering different online classes from a Yoga / Movement series, to guided meditations and some other things.

I currently do offer 1:1 Guided Energy Sessions where I assist you to move energy for a particular purpose via breath and simple movements. By signing up for this WEEKLY email list you receive a gift- a short session with some resources to follow up with. I will also be sending you a 10 minute Serenity Cycle to download (some of you already have this)

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BUT it is also for EVERYTHING ELSE (above). but don't worry, here's what you do- at the bottom there's a bunch of things you can check- all you do is simply check ONLY the Monthly Manifestation Email- if you click ANYTHING else you will be added automatically to the main list.

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